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The Ultimate in Luxury Living—Smart Home Automation

A living area overlooking the ocean, with a couch, fireplace, and hidden TV rising from the ground.

Create the Perfect Setting with One Touch

Many of our clients on Martha’s Vineyard enjoy the finer things in life, from luxury homes to exotic vacations. It's a lifestyle incorporating fine art, fine dining, and the latest technology upgrades. With this background, it comes as some surprise when they realize they’ve been missing out on one of the most life-changing technologies available—smart home automation. 

Living in a smart home offers unrivaled luxury and ease of living. At Vineyard Sound Integration, we’re proudly HTA Certified Luxury, which means we’ve passed stringent third-party vetting and achieved a level that less than 3% of integration companies meet.

Let’s explore what that means to our clients.

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Luxury Certification

Luxury certification from the Home Technology Association means that we specialize in residences with advanced technology needs. This includes homes with high-end design and architecture. We also partner with all the major home automation platforms, ensuring our clients the best solutions for their lifestyles and properties.

These customizable platforms provide one-touch control of all your connected technologies, from motorized shades to lighting, climate, security, pools, spas, gates, and your home’s many entertainment devices. One tap on a high-resolution touchscreen, remote, or custom-engraved keypad transforms your home, creating the perfect environment for life’s many activities. 

From dining to entertaining, waking, working, exercising, and relaxing, your smart home responds with the perfect setting. With today’s dynamic, full-spectrum lighting—which translates to millions of different colors—lighting can change with one touch and create unique and unforgettable aesthetics. 

Whole-home audio brings high-resolution music throughout your home and outdoor areas. Choose the room or your entire home and the audio source. Then, enjoy pristine music, your latest audiobook, or surround sound for movie nights via nearly invisible in-ceiling and landscape speakers.

Automated for Effortless Control

Even more impressive is the automated aspect of smart homes. By getting to know your lifestyle and daily routines, we'll program your home to prepare for you in advance. For instance, what is your morning routine when you and your family are on Martha's Vineyard? For some, it may be opening the shades, switching on specific lights, adjusting the thermostat, and turning on the morning news while making a latte. Then, you head to your outdoor area for a morning swim and exercise routine, streaming your favorite workout music. 

A smart home automatically performs these actions for you at a specific time of day or when the sun breaks the horizon.  

High-Performance Home Theater

HTA Certified Luxury companies also specialize in high-performance home theaters. Our integrators and designers create home cinemas that provide an immersive commercial-like theater experience. 4K native laser projectors deliver stunning images that take your breath away. Dolby Atmos brings object-based audio, creating an engulfing surround sound effect around and above you in a 3D sound field. 

Combined with luxury custom seating, elegant lighting, and custom-designed acoustic paneling, you leave your home cinema and journey to the adventure unfolding on your personalized, handcrafted movie screen. 

Are you ready to explore the nearly limitless options in smart home automation? To learn about the many possibilities or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Vineyard Sound Integration today. 

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