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How Smart Home Automation Revitalizes Entertainment

a family in a living room with a glass window and a wall-mounted TV

More than convenient and seamless, home automation also adds more enjoyment to your life

One of the best ways to improve your at-home experience is to add a layer of entertainment. Invite over a few friends for dinner, watch a movie with your family, or host a big party with dancing and drinks. With a smart home automation system, then you can set the perfect scene for all these moments in your life.

Touch a button or two on your smartphone, remote, or smart home tablet, and the lights, shades, and home AV obey your every command - setting the stage for fun. The boundaries of what you can do with home automation are limitless. Read on to discover how your Cape Cod, MA, home can become more enjoyable with updated AV that’s beautifully integrated with your automation system. 

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A Home Filled with Music

You may have a high-performance audio system that can stream music flawlessly in every room of the house; it sounds like the perfect home entertainment solution, right? However, managing your sound system can be a hassle if you have to deal with a cluster of remotes. 

But with home automation, you won’t have to worry about any of that. Simply press a button on your touch-screen control panel, smart remote, or mobile device and play your favorite songs. Automation systems from brands like Control4 and Savant also make it more convenient to customize playlists and group rooms together to stream audiophile-quality content simultaneously. 

Watch in Any Room

Like music, you can watch TV shows and movies in any room of the house. But there’s more to it than just streaming. If you are watching a movie in the living room but need to pause it in the middle, with a distributed video system, you can pick up from where you left off in another room. Inside and out, you have access to the same program or movie on any TV. This offers a natural flow of video content from room to room.

A Cinematic Experience

Home audio-video serves to elevate your movie-watching experience by bringing home a cinematic feel. High-performance AV immerses you into scenes, while home automation lets you create an atmosphere that’s designed for the movies. Imagine pressing a single button and having the lights dim with the shades lowering and the room temperature at the perfect setting. Only with smart automation systems can you turn this type of seamless control and entertainment into reality. 

Immersive Outdoor Entertainment

A home automation system doesn’t only cover the inside of your home. You can also use it in outdoor spaces. From streaming quality audio throughout your lawn to lighting up trees, gardens, and hardscapes with accent lights, you can create the perfect outdoor entertainment experience at home. Enjoy outdoor time long after the sun goes down - whether you're hosting a large party, enjoying time with family, or spending a few moments alone. Outdoor AV and automation make it possible. 

Enjoy endless entertainment with smart home automation. Vineyard Sound Integration helps you with the installation. We are the leading integrators in the greater area. Call (508) 388-3008 to get started today. Or fill out an easy online contact form for more details. 

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