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Discover the Future of Lighting with Lutron Controls

The image is of a luxury kitchen in a smart home.

Explore the world of Lutron and how they’re embracing advancements in lighting design

Lutron is a luxury lighting control brand that has been in business since 1959, when they invented the Lutron lighting dimmer switch. Today, Lutron is one of the top brands in home lighting, and they continue to push the limit to stay on top of lighting control technology year after year. 

Many homeowners on Martha’s Vineyard have fallen in love with the newest Lutron lighting switches and controls. Vineyard Sound Integration is your premier home installer specializing in upgrading homes on Martha’s Vineyard and the surrounding areas. As a certified dealer of Lutron lighting products, Vineyard Sound Integration has an extended portfolio of completed upgrades to vacation homes throughout the region.

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How Architectural Lighting Fixtures Create Ambiance and Impact

A well-lit kitchen with a dining room table and chairs.

Design the Perfect Lighting for Your Projects with Luxury Light Fixtures 

Interior designers know the power of light in crafting captivating environments that exude elegance and sophistication, and the best tool in their arsenal to truly harness this power is architectural lighting fixtures. This blog will uncover the artistry behind these fixtures and how they create ambiance and leave a lasting impact on luxury projects. 

From selecting fixtures that complement various interior décors to adding intuitive controls, we'll explore how to elevate your designs to new heights. Get ready to explore a world where you have the tools to bring your luxury projects throughout Martha's Vineyard to extraordinary heights. 

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Create the Perfect Lighting for Every Occasion with One Touch

 A bathroom beautifully illuminated with Ketra lighting and sunlight streaming in the window.

Lutron Lighting Solutions Include Dynamic Lighting & Seamless Controls

Lighting plays an integral role in our home’s design. It creates the desired setting for life’s many events and moods, helps us perform our tasks no matter the time of day, and safely leads our friends and family in the dark. Pretty important stuff. 

The lighting solutions provided in a smart home offer even greater benefits. With today’s dynamic full-spectrum lighting, we create stunning illumination using light like a painter’s palette. We highlight your home’s best architectural features and favorite artwork, bringing out vivid colors and textures. We even bring outdoor lighting indoors, enhancing wellness and improving sleep cycles. Light is a powerful element.

Let’s explore the many possibilities and how they’re transforming homes and those who live there on Martha’s Vineyard.

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Is Luxury Lighting Design In Your Future?

A living room featuring Lutron lights and smart shades.  

From Convenience to Energy Efficiency, Smart Lighting Design Is Essential to Luxury Living

Your vacation home on Cape Cod is the place to be in the summer. Its design, furniture, and finishes are tailored to you and your lifestyle. Each room has a personality of its own. From the front door to the backyard, luxury lighting design reflects and enhances the nature of every space. When you are away in the winter months, smart lights have the added advantage of allowing for seamless remote management, whether it is you or a property manager watching over the place.  

As the leading technology integrator on Cape Cod, our team at Vineyard Sound Integration has a reputation for delivering top-notch luxury lighting solutions to vacation homeowners. We know how important it is for your home to be spotless and ready to go by the time you arrive, while remaining safe and cost-efficient when you are not here. 

Read on to learn what luxury lighting brings to your home, both in the summer months spent on the Cape, and the long winters away from our beloved vacation paradise. 

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5 Luxurious Lighting Solutions from Lutron


Add Sophistication and Intrigue to Your Home With Lighting

Where would you start if you wanted to add luxury to your home? Some say elegance lies in the sleek and modern features of a home's architecture, while others say it's the visual interest and uniqueness that good interior design adds. 

We think any homeowner in Cape Cod, MA, interested in the look of luxury should start with beautiful lighting solutions from Lutron. With just the right placement, finishes, and usage, you may be surprised to see what a difference a little light can make.

Continue reading to learn more about luxury lighting solutions from Lutron.

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Simplify Your Daily Lifestyle with Lutron Lighting & Shading


Watch Your Quality of Life Improve with this Luxurious Solution & More!

The right lighting can turn your house or vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard into a place you want to return to after a long day at work or an even longer time spent away. Lighting should create an ideal living space for you with zero hassle – Lutron lighting and shading can provide this customized oasis for you on a regular basis.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the benefits of Lutron’s solutions and how they can better your daily life – and even integrate seamlessly with other trusted brands! Keep reading below to find out more.

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Simplify Your Day with Motorized Blinds


Add Convenience, Comfort, & More to Your Living Spaces!

From morning to evening, motorized blinds can shape your entire property on Martha’s Vineyard. Brighten up your living spaces or protect your interiors at just the press of a button – it’s that easy to integrate this smart solution seamlessly into your daily lifestyle.

So, what can automated shading do for your Massachusetts home? Keep reading below to see just how this technology can transform and elevate your smart home experience.

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Motorized Shades & Lighting Control Benefit And Illuminate Your Home


Liven Up Your Living Space with These Integrated Solutions

Lighting has a way of transforming your whole home – making it a place that’s inviting, appealing, and overall fits your desired aesthetics and wellness needs. And with just a press of a button, you can create the perfect atmosphere throughout your home on Martha’s Vineyard – that’s the power of integrated motorized shades and lighting control.

With the best technologies from trusted brands like Lutron and Crestron, you can enjoy home lighting that caters to your preferences and needs at all times. Want to learn more about how these solutions can benefit your Massachusetts home? Keep reading below.

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