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Simplify Your Day with Motorized Blinds


Add Convenience, Comfort, & More to Your Living Spaces!

From morning to evening, motorized blinds can shape your entire property on Martha’s Vineyard. Brighten up your living spaces or protect your interiors at just the press of a button – it’s that easy to integrate this smart solution seamlessly into your daily lifestyle.

So, what can automated shading do for your Massachusetts home? Keep reading below to see just how this technology can transform and elevate your smart home experience.

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Smart Shades Offer Effortless Control of Lighting and Privacy


Bring the Diffuse Light of the Sun into Your Home with Motorized Shades

At Vineyard Sound Integration, we specialize in custom design and smart home automation that’s fun, easy to use, and enhances our clients’ daily lives. These systems manage your entertainment, climate, lighting, security, and more with just one touch. Even better? The “automation” aspect of “home automation” means that your smart home automatically performs specific tasks based on the time of day, the position of the sun, and even your location. 

When integrated with motorized shades, it translates to shades that raise and lower without any effort on your part. Let's explore the possibilities and how this technology brings ease of living and enjoyment to homeowners on Martha’s Vineyard, MA. 

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