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Elevating Everyday Living with Smart Home Automation

A large open home with floor-to-ceiling windows and Lutron shades.

Curate the Ideal Environment for Every Occasion

For many people on Martha’s Vineyard, their time here is seasonal. They spend a few glorious months exploring the beautiful coastline, docking at yacht clubs, playing golf, and visiting with friends, some of whom are the most influential people in the world.

So, how do you make these few short months even more enjoyable? 

The answer lies in customized technology designed to set the stage for the many activities that make up your life on the island. It’s called smart home automation

Let’s explore the possibilities.

The Ultimate in Luxury Living—Smart Home Automation

A living area overlooking the ocean, with a couch, fireplace, and hidden TV rising from the ground.

Create the Perfect Setting with One Touch

Many of our clients on Martha’s Vineyard enjoy the finer things in life, from luxury homes to exotic vacations. It's a lifestyle incorporating fine art, fine dining, and the latest technology upgrades. With this background, it comes as some surprise when they realize they’ve been missing out on one of the most life-changing technologies available—smart home automation. 

Living in a smart home offers unrivaled luxury and ease of living. At Vineyard Sound Integration, we’re proudly HTA Certified Luxury, which means we’ve passed stringent third-party vetting and achieved a level that less than 3% of integration companies meet.

Let’s explore what that means to our clients.