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What Can I Do With Lighting Control?


5 Ways Lighting Control Can Elevate Luxury For Martha’s Vineyard Homeowners

You may have heard the buzz about lighting controls that make managing your home’s lighting a breeze. Well, the buzz is true—there are so many ways you can benefit. Continue reading for five specific ways we love to use lighting controls to elevate the luxury of homes in and around Martha’s Vineyard, MA.

5 Lighting Design Insights for a Luminous Kitchen

A luxury kitchen in a Martha’s Vineyard home featuring professional lighting design elements.

Expert Tips to Brighten Your Culinary Haven

In the opulent homes on Martha's Vineyard, the kitchen is more than a space for culinary adventures—it's a central hub for family, a warm gathering spot for friends, and a showcase of your impeccable taste. And nothing enhances this multifaceted room quite like a thoughtful lighting design. With Martha's Vineyard's unique style and charm, here are five professional lighting design tips to make your kitchen shine with an inviting glow.