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How Can a Smart Home Company Help You Navigate the New Normal?


Vineyard Sound Integration Is Here for You

The last year and a half have tested our ability to work with change. Seemingly overnight, our perspective on our lifestyles, our work, our safety, and our social life drastically shifted. As experts working at the top smart home company on Martha’s Vineyard, we also saw opportunities to turn unprecedented times into opportunities for safer, richer lives right at home. We installed countless audio-video systems, media rooms, and custom theaters. Later on, we rejuvenated outdoor areas with weatherproof TVs and audio as people began hosting cookouts again.

Though Massachusetts isn’t operating normally yet, we have seen some ease of restrictions, expanding even more possibilities for innovating your home or vacation home for entertaining guests, finally investing in your dream home office and more. Keep reading below to find three examples of how we can prep your residence for the last half of 2021 and beyond.

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Are You Looking to Upgrade Your Outdoor Audio System?


Enhance Your Backyard with Top-Notch AV Solutionsa

The summer we’ve been waiting for is nearly here. After a year mostly spent indoors or at home in general, it’s quite refreshing to know a different summer is on the horizon. But this doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some relaxing and entertaining days at home in your own personal oasis!

Upgrading your outdoor audio system can make your property on Martha’s Vineyard the place to be for the season. Keep reading on below to see how the most trusted AV brands in the industry can elevate your outdoor spaces.

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