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Create the Perfect Lighting for Every Occasion with One Touch

 A bathroom beautifully illuminated with Ketra lighting and sunlight streaming in the window.

Lutron Lighting Solutions Include Dynamic Lighting & Seamless Controls

Lighting plays an integral role in our home’s design. It creates the desired setting for life’s many events and moods, helps us perform our tasks no matter the time of day, and safely leads our friends and family in the dark. Pretty important stuff. 

The lighting solutions provided in a smart home offer even greater benefits. With today’s dynamic full-spectrum lighting, we create stunning illumination using light like a painter’s palette. We highlight your home’s best architectural features and favorite artwork, bringing out vivid colors and textures. We even bring outdoor lighting indoors, enhancing wellness and improving sleep cycles. Light is a powerful element.

Let’s explore the many possibilities and how they’re transforming homes and those who live there on Martha’s Vineyard.

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The Perfect Illumination for Every Occasion

At Vineyard Sound Integration, we partner with Lutron, the global leader in lighting control. In 2018, when they acquired Ketra, they transformed how we illuminate our homes forever. Ketra developed the most advanced LED lighting system, enabling our team to bring the dynamic power of natural light indoors and drench your home in limitless colors of light at the touch of a button. 

Light switches transform into intelligent controls, from beautiful touchscreens to custom-engraved keypads. We’ll work together to create the perfect illumination for life’s many activities, such as dining, entertaining, waking, and relaxing. Then, with one touch of a button, you bring these incredible lighting scenes to life. 

The Gift of Daylight

Press the ‘Natural Light’ button, and the lighting transforms throughout the day, mimicking the changing color of daylight. Wake to the soft, blue glow of dawn and relax in the evening in the amber-gold of dusk. This type of lighting realigns our internal clocks that have been set to the sun for eons, promoting focused energy during the day and relaxation and a better sleep cycle in the evenings. 

When combined with intelligent shades, your home creates the perfect level of light and privacy. Diffuse sunlight brings beauty while enhancing moods and reducing energy consumption. Your smart home manages this light, lowering shades during the heat of the day to protect your home's interiors and raising them when the soft light of the sun promotes productivity and wellness. 

Creating Contrast

Lutron’s Ketra TruBeam optics allow our team to create artful contrast through aim, focus, intensity, and the proper beam angle. With the right combination, fine furnishings, artwork, sculptures, and architectural features come to life, adding dimension and drama to every space.

Combining seamless controls, smart shades, and beautiful lighting creates the perfect environment for every occasion. Are you ready to explore the limitless possibilities? To learn about the many lighting solutions or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Vineyard Sound Integration today.

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