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Creating Your Own Personal Paradise with Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Outdoor landscape and step lighting created by Coastal Source’s Ketra-Ready fixtures leading to a modern home.

Discover the Latest Technology in Outdoor Illumination

Summer on Martha’s Vineyard offers extraordinary entertainment, beauty, and relaxation. And, as those on the island know all too well, what stretches out before them in seemingly endless days ends much faster than imagined. 

You can, however, stretch those days to last a little longer with the latest outdoor landscape lighting. Whether enjoying a warm summer evening by the pool or dinner on the patio, beautiful illumination can make the most of these moments and extend the enjoyment long after dark.

Recently, Coastal Source, the industry leader in luxury outdoor lighting and audio, came out with their Ketra-Ready compatible fixture, bringing the most advanced lighting system to the great outdoors.

Here, we’ll explore what this means for homeowners and designers looking to transform outdoor areas into an oasis of beauty after dark.

Illuminate Your Yard with Outdoor Landscape Lighting


Check Out How a Coastal Source Setup Can Transform Your Outdoor Spaces

As you take in the summertime air, it becomes only natural to stay outdoors as long as possible with your family and loved ones! But as the sunshine turns to sunset, you’ll soon face your property on Martha’s Vineyard slowly – and then suddenly – submerging into darkness.

You can avoid stumbling to find your way by brightening up your entire backyard with outdoor landscape lighting from Coastal Source. Keep reading below to see how these fixtures can elevate and transform your whole Massachusetts yard this summer – and elevate the experience of spending time outdoors!