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Enjoy the Ultimate Convenience & Entertainment in a Savant Home

A woman standing by her bedroom window in a Savant home with in-ceiling speakers and a TV display.

Create an Exceptional, Luxurious Lifestyle with Savant Home Automation

At Vineyard Sound Integration, we provide our clients on Martha’s Vineyard with the latest home automation. This easy-to-use technology offers incredible convenience, comfort, beauty, and entertainment, a smart home geared toward an exceptional, luxurious lifestyle. 

One of our partners, Savant, is an industry leader and the home automation company of choice for large estates and luxury residences. Let’s explore what life is like with Savant home automation and how it creates a vacation-like atmosphere.

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Managing Your Home Effortlessly

Savant is a premium smart home system that offers unrivaled convenience, enabling you to control your lighting, climate, shades, security, and entertainment from one intuitive app. Tap a user-friendly touchscreen, remote, or mobile device to also manage your many amenities, including pools, spas, gates, home theaters, and much more.

Setting the Mood

At Vineyard Sound Integration, our smart homes are customized and unique to every client. By creating scenes, you experience completely personalized solutions that cater to you and your family’s lifestyle. A sequence of events is triggered at the touch of a button. 

For instance, when you wake, a ‘Good Morning’ button may set the lights to the color of sunrise, stream a beautiful aria in concert-like quality through your bedroom and kitchen, and heat the spa and towel racks. In the evening, a ‘Dining’ button can transform certain lights to amber, stream soft jazz through your home and outdoor areas, and lower the shades. 

A personalized smart home makes every moment more enjoyable by creating the perfect ambiance for each task, activity, or mood. With one touch or scheduled programming, your home transforms. 

Enjoy the Best in Entertainment

While everyone’s definition of the “best” entertainment varies, the common theme is crystal-clear, immersive audio no matter where you roam; high-definition, lifelike images on every display; and one easy-to-use platform to manage each device. Savant delivers this and more with their IP audio and video network, providing content with the highest resolution from any source to any speaker or display. 

Discreet and high-fidelity in-ceiling, in-wall, and landscape speakers bring beautiful music and other media through your home and outdoor spaces. Video tilling lets you view up to nine video sources on a single display, the perfect solution for game day or watching the markets while tuning into the news. 

For clients who want to retain their beautiful interiors while enjoying the best in entertainment, hidden technology enables our certified technicians to hide TVs behind paintings and in floors, ceilings, or furniture. 

While these features enhance everyday living in ways once unimaginable, there is much more to experience living in a Savant home. At Vineyard Sound Integration, we create breathtaking ambiance throughout estates on Martha's Vineyard while integrating the highest level of entertainment. To learn more about Savant home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Vineyard Sound Integration today. 

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