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The Latest Hidden Audio Video Solutions for Luxury Homes


Enjoy High-Resolution Images and High-Fidelity Sound Without Marring Your Home’s Design

Marie Kondo, creator of the KonMari organizing method and former host of the Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, spoke with Ellie Magazine about her changing clients. While her past clients were more interest in organizing, today's clients want a space centered around wellness and mindfulness.

You may wonder, what does that have to do with hidden audio video solutions in your Martha’s Vineyard home? Reducing clutter is the cornerstone of Kondo’s work, and there’s nothing that can clutter up a home faster than AV equipment. 

Your home’s peaceful sense of serenity can quickly become marred with large flat-screen TVs, loudspeakers, subwoofers, Blu-ray players, projectors, screens, receivers, amplifiers, cable boxes, streaming devices, and much more.

The good news is that you can enjoy the latest AV technology and still maintain a home that welcomes you with peace and tranquility. Let’s explore the many ways we hide technology in our installations. 

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Enhance The Beauty of Your Home with Hidden TVs


Experience Superior Sound and Visuals Without Detracting from The Decor and Architecture.

Your home is more than simply a space to live in; it is designed around you with every feature and function in place to meet your needs and desires. A smart home furnishes you with the ultimate in entertainment and comfort, allowing you to shape your environment.

While enjoying the inspiration that movies and music instills, the technology should not be the focus of a room or detract from the visual line of the architecture and décor. At Vineyard Sound Integration, we are experts in combining the best of both worlds with hidden TV systems.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your home on Martha’s Vineyard? Then continue reading below to learn more.

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Hidden TVs Blend in Seamlessly with Your Home Décor & Design


Reveal Your Stunning Displays at the Tap of a Button!

The center of our media rooms and entertainment setups can draw the eye in and keep your attention with vivid, high-definition visuals – but after the movie or show is done, how does your TV affect the rest of the room’s design? Instead of having a black screen stare back at you while you’re in the room and it’s not in use, you can instead utilize a hidden TV in the space.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the top three brands we recommend for your hidden TV choice that can maintain and enhance your preferred interior design throughout your property on Martha’s Vineyard. Plus, their ease of use is a must! Keep reading on below to learn more about these hidden technologies for your Massachusetts living space. 

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