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Enjoy the Ultimate Convenience & Entertainment in a Savant Home

A woman standing by her bedroom window in a Savant home with in-ceiling speakers and a TV display.

Create an Exceptional, Luxurious Lifestyle with Savant Home Automation

At Vineyard Sound Integration, we provide our clients on Martha’s Vineyard with the latest home automation. This easy-to-use technology offers incredible convenience, comfort, beauty, and entertainment, a smart home geared toward an exceptional, luxurious lifestyle. 

One of our partners, Savant, is an industry leader and the home automation company of choice for large estates and luxury residences. Let’s explore what life is like with Savant home automation and how it creates a vacation-like atmosphere.

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Enjoy Effortless Control with Savant Home Automation


Experience true luxury at your vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard with Savant

With the hustling and bustling city lifestyle, sometimes it is important to take a break. And what could be a better way to get away from it all than making a visit to your vacation home? But to make your getaway time even more luxurious and enjoyable, you need home automation. While many brands offer automated control, none compare to the convenience and functionality of Savant. 

With Savant home automation, you can personalize your home experience. This customization feature makes it the top choice for luxury homeowners. Read on to uncover the benefits of Savant automation for your vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard. 

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