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A Day with Whole-Home Audio

Woman changes her playlist using a whole-home audio app.

Inspire Movement, Health, and Positivity with Music

Homeowners around the globe are re-discovering the joy of music with whole-home audio. A whole-home audio system is a network of speakers throughout your home that can be operated through a single remote or smart app. With such easy access to your home’s audio systems, you will find yourself lost in the music at multiple points throughout the day.

In this blog, follow along for a day with whole-home audio to see why these systems are becoming increasingly popular, especially in Nantucket, MA. 

Add Music and Melody to Your Life with Whole-Home Audio

a living room with gray sofas and floor-standing speakers next to a console

Want to create an immersive listening experience in your home? Here’s how!  

The term “whole-home audio” is probably something you’ve heard about. However, most people have misconceptions about it. In order to appreciate multi-room music to the fullest, you need to know what it really means. For instance, placing Bluetooth speakers in each room probably won’t provide the experience you crave. 

Instead, you need speakers designed for whole-home sound - ones that provide an immersive listening experience. But if you’re not all that familiar with sound tech and gadgets, don’t worry. A professional integrator like Vineyard Sound Integration can help. 

Read on to learn how a professionally installed whole-home audio system makes a difference in your project on Martha’s Vineyard, MA.

How Do Invisible Speakers Work in a Whole-Home Audio System?


Seamlessly Blend Your Audio System into Your Home’s Décor with Invisible Speakers

Invisible speakers are becoming increasingly common among homeowners on Martha’s Vineyard and beyond. These in-wall and in-ceiling speaker solutions are useful components of whole-home audio systems that blend seamlessly into home theaters, media rooms, kitchens, and other living spaces. And one of the biggest draws of this smart home solution? There’s no need to dedicate valuable square footage to speakers.

Read on to find out why invisible speakers are a perfect fit for new or upgraded speaker setups, and why your whole-home system could benefit from their addition!