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Just Say the Word with Josh.ai Voice Control


Protect Your Privacy with This No-Hassle Solution

Does the concept of voice control generally get you spooked? Maybe devices from brands like Alexa or Google sound practical enough – but when it comes to you and your family’s privacy, you might feel uncomfortable with where your everyday commands and conversations are going even when your devices aren’t “on.”

Not only is privacy a primary factor, but how well do those devices actually work? Can you say a command casually, or are there specific speech rules to follow in order to get your point across?

With Josh.ai, there won’t be any confusion or worry; you can simply say what you need, and Josh is completely at your command. Bring this smart voice control solution to your property on Martha’s Vineyard and watch as your lifestyle transforms. Keep reading below to see how Josh can elevate your Massachusetts home with just a single word from you.

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Absolute Privacy, at All Times

Josh.ai’s top priority is making you feel safe in your own home; your privacy and peace of mind are the company’s number one concern! As you use Josh on a daily basis, you can rest assured that your personal data will never be shared or sold for marketing or third-party advertisements. This data will also no longer be sent to the mysterious cloud!

You get to determine how much information Josh collects in your home. The only reason data is collected is for optimizing your smart home experience. Enjoy a personalized experience with the knowledge that your information and privacy are protected and well secured from morning to evening and all night long.

Effortless Integration into Your Lifestyle

Josh makes itself at home within your living space with zero hassle. Whether it’s the Josh Micro or Josh Nano, you can place these discreet devices anywhere in your home to create a space that caters entirely to you. The Josh app makes managing your system a breeze, letting you know you’re in complete control of your device – not the other way around!

Josh picks up on your way of speaking, letting you feel at ease in your own home. The brand’s exclusive Natural Language Processing technology means you’ll be able to talk to Josh without using a practiced speech or memorized line. Speak to the device as easily and simply as you would to a family member or friend!

Another fantastic benefit of Josh is its pattern recognition. Without bothering you or being intrusive, Josh learns from your daily requests and activities, such as when you like your motorized shades lowered or lights brightened – or when you want the smart thermostat adjusted. The more you interact and communicate with Josh, the more it learns and turns your smart home into a personalized oasis that meets your every need and preference.


Ready to learn more about Josh.ai and bring this smart and secure solution to your home today? Give our team at Vineyard Sound Integration a call or fill out our online contact form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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