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Make Your Home on Martha’s Vineyard Stand Out With Crestron Home Automation


Experience luxury with a home theater, smart lighting, and more.

Want to make your Martha’s Vineyard property stand out? One of the best ways to do that is to incorporate Crestron home automation from Vineyard Sound Integration. Enjoy yourself or give guests or renters the ultimate vacation experience with smart technology that is easily controlled by voice, remote, or keypad. By doing so, your home will become comfortable and more convenient – all with the simple tap of a button or voice command!

Read on to learn more about how home automation from Crestron creates the ultimate luxury living experience.

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One Simple, Centralized System

Crestron’s sleek-looking touch panel makes it simple to select movies, adjust the lighting, listen to music, and lower or raise the window shades with just the push of a button. All of this can be done without even getting out of bed. No more dealing with multiple remotes, trying to figure out which one does what, either. Crestron exists to make life simple and convenient.

Enjoy a Stay-cation

Sure, there’s lots to do on Martha’s Vineyard already; no one ever has to worry about being bored. But you never need to take a break from relaxing at home. Adding home automation gives you the opportunity to enjoy even more luxury by watching a movie in a home theater without having to spend additional money at a local cinema. The high performance audio provides the same sound quality you would expect in a traditional theater without the sticky theater floors or overpriced concession stand snacks. And smart lighting can set the perfect ambiance no matter what you’re doing.

An Ever-Evolving System

Smart technology is constantly advancing. What is new and innovative this year may feel outdated in 5-10 years. To keep your home fresh, you’ll want the option to continue expanding the system you currently have instead of dealing with an obsolete system and starting from scratch whenever you add a new device. Start with motorized shades in the bedrooms, then expand and customize your Crestron system as you incorporate additional smart technologies over time. Crestron is designed to evolve as your preferences and devices evolve.

Upgrade Your Home With Crestron Smart Technology

Your already luxurious home can be enhanced with home automation from Crestron. Contact Vineyard Sound Integration here to learn more. We can’t wait to work with you.


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