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Illuminate Your Yard with Outdoor Landscape Lighting


Check Out How a Coastal Source Setup Can Transform Your Outdoor Spaces

As you take in the summertime air, it becomes only natural to stay outdoors as long as possible with your family and loved ones! But as the sunshine turns to sunset, you’ll soon face your property on Martha’s Vineyard slowly – and then suddenly – submerging into darkness.

You can avoid stumbling to find your way by brightening up your entire backyard with outdoor landscape lighting from Coastal Source. Keep reading below to see how these fixtures can elevate and transform your whole Massachusetts yard this summer – and elevate the experience of spending time outdoors!

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Make the Most of Your Outdoor Spaces

Now is the perfect time to take the best summer activities outside; with upgraded outdoor entertainment, you can host a movie night, watch the big game, relax by the pool, and eat dinner on the patio with friends and family. Plus, with added landscape lighting, no one will ever have to head indoors as soon as the sunlight starts to fade.

Program lighting fixtures to turn on automatically as the sun begins to go down, gradually illuminating your backyard with soft lighting that keeps the festivities going long after sunset. But for this type of setup, you need the right products from trusted brands! For a fully integrated landscape lighting setup, our team at Vineyard Sound Integration highly recommends Coastal Source.

Customize Your Setup with Coastal Source

Just as with their outdoor audio, Coastal Source can be trusted to deliver top-notch lighting fixtures as well. But the best part is that there isn’t just one single type of fixture to bring to a yard; Coastal Source offers a variety of fixture models and styles to fit your preferences and complement your outdoor décor.

There are Bullet fixtures to surround your yard, Path, and Step lights to guide your way, Lip lights for under ledges and retaining walls, Well and Niche lights to blend in seamlessly from below, and elegant Hanging and Tree fixtures to brighten from above. There are endless options in customizing just how your backyard lighting will look and feel – and Coastal Source can provide every component of your setup.


Let Vineyard Sound Integration bring light to your property! Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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