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Hidden TVs Blend in Seamlessly with Your Home Décor & Design


Reveal Your Stunning Displays at the Tap of a Button!

The center of our media rooms and entertainment setups can draw the eye in and keep your attention with vivid, high-definition visuals – but after the movie or show is done, how does your TV affect the rest of the room’s design? Instead of having a black screen stare back at you while you’re in the room and it’s not in use, you can instead utilize a hidden TV in the space.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the top three brands we recommend for your hidden TV choice that can maintain and enhance your preferred interior design throughout your property on Martha’s Vineyard. Plus, their ease of use is a must! Keep reading on below to learn more about these hidden technologies for your Massachusetts living space. 

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Elevated Design & Easy Control

The best part about hidden TVs is that they don’t make you choose between design and functionality. The right hidden TV for you should blend in effortlessly but still be easy to use and manage on a daily basis – concealing and revealing itself on your whim. Which hidden TV display brand works best for your preferences?

Future Automation: If you want a way to incorporate a TV into a room without impacting the existing décor, Future Automation has the TV lift, wall mount, or paneling for you. Have a high-quality flatscreen lower from the ceiling on a hinge, rise up from a furniture surface, or swivel into place when you’re ready to press play.

As pictured above, you can even have panels conceal the display until you want the screen to appear – the single or split panels moving to reveal your TV. Future Automation’s hidden installation offerings make it a breeze to bring your TV to any corner of a room – without ever impeding on its surroundings! After use, just press a button, and the TV is hidden once more.

Séura: When you imagine Séura, the concept of sleek and sophisticated design might come to mind. That’s because Séura TVs provide a variety of uses – all while prioritizing the glossy and luxurious aesthetics for your home décor. The brand’s Vanity TV Mirrors can be both a mirror for your bathroom and a TV display. Check the day’s weather, stay updated on the news, and watch the latest episode of your favorite show as you brush your teeth in the morning or get ready for bed.

The Séura Entertainment TV Mirror is meant for your other living spaces, delivering a high-quality performance while adding that touch of luxury to your media room or elsewhere. With ease, your TV display can go from a room-enhancing mirror to a vivid screen playing your desired media. A tap of a button can switch the screen right back to a sophisticated mirror when you’re ready. It’s the perfect addition to any space throughout your home!

Leon Media Décor: Sometimes your media is the art, and other times, you want art to take center stage in the room! With Leon Media Décor’s Moving Art Screens, your TV display can hide behind beautiful artwork you’ve chosen from the brand’s extensive gallery. Paired with a designer frame, the art piece will stun among your existing home décor. Then, at the press of a button, the art concealment will silently lift to showcase your high-quality screen, ready for play!

Similarly, the brand’s Edge Media Frame provides a sleek and stylish display featuring a handcrafted solid hardwood frame that surrounds any TV and soundbar together. Hiding the wiring and mounting setup involved, the Edge takes a standard TV setup to the next level!

Want to learn more about these hidden TV installations from the most trusted brands? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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