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Is Luxury Lighting Design In Your Future?

A living room featuring Lutron lights and smart shades.  

From Convenience to Energy Efficiency, Smart Lighting Design Is Essential to Luxury Living

Your vacation home on Cape Cod is the place to be in the summer. Its design, furniture, and finishes are tailored to you and your lifestyle. Each room has a personality of its own. From the front door to the backyard, luxury lighting design reflects and enhances the nature of every space. When you are away in the winter months, smart lights have the added advantage of allowing for seamless remote management, whether it is you or a property manager watching over the place.  

As the leading technology integrator on Cape Cod, our team at Vineyard Sound Integration has a reputation for delivering top-notch luxury lighting solutions to vacation homeowners. We know how important it is for your home to be spotless and ready to go by the time you arrive, while remaining safe and cost-efficient when you are not here. 

Read on to learn what luxury lighting brings to your home, both in the summer months spent on the Cape, and the long winters away from our beloved vacation paradise. 

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Convenience & Luxury

Luxury living is all about comfort and convenience, and the combination of smart lights and an automation platform like Control4 gives you both. With a professionally-designed lighting system, you can control the lights in your home from a smartphone or touch interface. You could, for example, easily automate lights to reflect your daily schedule, or set them to turn on and off at random intervals to mimic your presence when you are not home. All these features, of course, are paired with industry-leading design and engineering behind every fixture we install. 

Set the Mood with a Tap

Speaking of convenience, how about setting the ambiance in any room or outdoor space with just a tap of your phone? After all, luxury and control go hand in hand. With a range of smart features and customization options, there is a setting to suit every mood, and a multitude of hues, brightness settings, and color temperatures are at your fingertips. Whether you want to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere or a sleek and modern look, there's a lighting solution for you!

Energy Efficiency

When integrated with motorized window treatments and smart thermostats, lighting control leads to better energy efficiency. Smart LED lights use significantly less energy than traditional fixtures, have a longer lifespan, and seamlessly integrate with other systems. They are also easy to manage and operate remotely, making them ideal for property managers taking care of multiple properties. 

Whether you are home year round or not, why not trust the experts at Vineyard Sound Integration to design a custom lighting solution and enhance the overall experience of your vacation home? Best of all, if you contact us today, we can probably have your luxury lights ready by next summer! 

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