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Simplify Your Day with Motorized Blinds


Add Convenience, Comfort, & More to Your Living Spaces!

From morning to evening, motorized blinds can shape your entire property on Martha’s Vineyard. Brighten up your living spaces or protect your interiors at just the press of a button – it’s that easy to integrate this smart solution seamlessly into your daily lifestyle.

So, what can automated shading do for your Massachusetts home? Keep reading below to see just how this technology can transform and elevate your smart home experience.

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Use Your Blinds at the Press of a Button

With smart shading systems from trusted brands like Lutron or Crestron, you can manage your blinds with zero hassle. At just the tap of a button, you can lower shades mid-way or all the way and raise them back up just as easily.

Set your blinds to adjust via programmed timers or based on the sun’s path across the sky by using installed photosensors. You can go to bed knowing that every shade has been lowered and is protecting your privacy, all by pressing a single button to operate them all simultaneously. According to your preferences – or on a whim – you can control your shades with your smart device of choice or with subtle and stylish on-wall keypads. It’s that simple.

Illuminate Spaces with Ease

Motorized shades let you bask in the morning light while you eat breakfast, read in the family room as gentle afternoon lighting reaches you through half-raised shades, and enjoy the sunset from your bedroom. You can bring in natural lighting whenever you please and completely enhance your living spaces with just a button-press. Never underestimate the power of a well-lit home and how much lighting can truly transform your daily living experience.

Protect Your Delicate Interiors

Of course, that beautiful glow from natural lighting can soon turn to harsh sunlight that might potentially damage your interiors. If you have delicate artwork, vintage furniture, or antiques around your smart home, then you want to protect them from harmful UV rays. With the right settings in place, your blinds can automatically lower at specific times throughout the day when the sun is at its most intense. You’ll keep your valuables safe without ever having to lift a finger!

Want to find out more about the many benefits of motorized blinds for your everyday lifestyle and entire property? Give our team at Vineyard Sound Integration a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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