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Control Your Home From Anywhere in the World with a Home Automation System


Today’s Smart Homes Make Managing Your Home Effortless

If you’re new to smart homes, it can be challenging to comprehend the ease and convenience these systems offer. A home automation system incorporates the many disparate elements of a home and transforms them into a cohesive unit. Now, all parts work together in tandem, creating the ideal environment for every occasion.

This technology controls your climate, lighting, entertainment, security, and more, and all from one easy-to-use platform. Let's look at how home automation transforms homes on Martha's Vineyard.

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The Ultimate in Convenience

Your smart home has sensors that tell it how warm it is, if someone is in a room, and the amount of sunlight filtering through the windows. It uses this information to lower and raise the shades, adjust the temperature, and turn off the lights or adjust them to the correct color temperature.

And it does all of this without you saying a word or lifting a finger. Some systems are so smart that they learn as they adjust your home. For instance, Josh.ai, a voice-controlled home automation system, learns as you make your requests. He begins to understand that you like your shades raised in the morning and your whole-home audio system tuned to your “Happy Melodies” playlist. Before you know it, he’s preparing your home for you, before you even ask.

Setting Scenes

Our certified technicians will also program scenes that align with your lifestyle. These scenes control multiple systems in your home by a simple tap on an elegant in-wall keypad, touch panel, tablet, or smartphone.

For example, suppose you enjoy having friends and family over regularly. In that case, we can set an "Entertainment" scene that sets the lights to the desired hue and intensity, ignites the firepit in the backyard, turns on the landscape and pathway lights, and begins playing your party playlist throughout your home and into your outdoor area.

Operating From Anywhere

Many of our clients spend a season on Martha’s Vineyard before embarking on another adventure or heading back to the corporate world. They need to know that they or their property managers can control their homes from anywhere in the world.

Should a pipe burst or the HVAC system malfunction, they can turn off the water or adjust the temperature before damage occurs, whether on the island or across the globe.

Smart security systems let them know when something out of the ordinary has occurred, sending them a notification via text or email. Was the side gate tampered with? They’ll know.

At Vineyard Sound Integration, we're committed to connecting people with innovative technology solutions that are simple to use and enhance their everyday lives. With one touch, you can control your climate, entertainment, lighting, security, and more. To learn more about today’s home automation systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Vineyard Sound Integration today.


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