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Savant Automation Takes Luxury Living to the Next Level


High-Fidelity Audio and Effortless Control Are Just a Few of Savant's Many Features

For many, a vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard is the mark of success. A summer spent enjoying beautiful, pristine beaches in a place some consider one of the most picturesque in the world. Despite the life of luxury experienced by many on the island, some have yet to enjoy the true luxury awarded by smart home automation.

At Vineyard Sound Integration, we partner with the leading brands in home automation. One of those, Savant, has developed a reputation as the leading brand for luxury homes that require customized solutions.

Let’s explore a few of the unique features found in Savant automation.

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Simple, Elegant Control

A Savant home is controlled through the Pro Remote X2 or a single intuitive app on your iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android device. Any of your TVs can also become full-screen control systems.

Every household member can set their preferences on their profiles or custom screen layout, enabling quick activation of their favorite channels, music, and scenes. You can even set profiles for friends, babysitters, and guests so that they have access to the simple pleasures that lets them enjoy Savant while in your home.

Your home’s entertainment, lighting, climate, security, and more are controlled through one system, working together to set the stage and ambiance for different occasions and moods.

Set the scene by taping the “Entertainment” button and watch as your home theater prepares itself, lowering the projector, screen, and blackout shades while dimming the lights and starting the audio that immerses the listener. When you’ve said goodbye to your guests, simply tell your remote “Goodnight," and all the AV systems turn off, the climate settles into the perfect sleeping temperature, the doors lock, the security arms, and a dimly lit trail of lights escort you to bed. 

High-Fidelity Music and Audio

The Savant music experience allows you to connect any source to any speaker via networked IP audio. Unlike traditional audio distribution that uses multiple analog-to-digital conversions and long analog wire runs that reduce audio quality, Savant’s IP audio system remains digital from the source to close to the speakers, delivering optimum sound quality.

You’ll hear high-fidelity music and audio that envelop you through nearly invisible in-wall, in-ceiling, and satellite landscape speakers that bring music throughout your estate. The system also allows you to search and create playlists across multiple music services, such as TIDAL, Spotify, Deezer, PLEX, and more. In addition, the system is so scalable that it can provide up to 96 rooms with this remarkable audio.

A Luxury Solution for Your Luxury Lifestyle

Are you ready to enjoy a lifestyle with less stress, more relaxation, and ultimate control? Savant automates your everyday tasks, immersing you in the best audio and video on the market, and offering lighting solutions that can leave you breathless. To learn more about Savant smart homes or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Vineyard Sound Integration today.


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