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How to Choose the Right Motorized Shades for Your Nantucket Vacation Home?

Luxury bedroom with motorized shades in Nantucket, MA.

Learn the art of choosing smart shades. 

If you’re like most people, your window shades or curtains remain in the same position all day, throughout the week. And we don’t blame you for it. Opening and closing shades on windows across the home every day can feel like a cumbersome task, especially when you’re on vacation. There comes a time when you simply give up and continue to spend your days missing the sunlight and views.

Motorized shades offer a great solution to this common homeowners’ problem. But how to choose them? Read on as we discuss some key factors you must consider when buying motorized shades for your Nantucket vacation home or your clients’ home.

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  • Material and Needs

Start your motorized shades journey by selecting the right material according to your needs or your clients’ specifications. Want shades for privacy or to completely block out the sun? Choose a thick fabric or opt for blackout shades. Looking for shades that also offer insulation? Get the ones with reflective backing. Want the ones that also let some of the sunlight in? Opt for translucent materials. Wish you could have shades only to reduce the glare so you could still enjoy the beautiful island views outside? You would love the sheer shades made from partially transparent fabrics.

  • Quietness 

No one likes to hear a loud whirring, mechanical noise every time the shades go up or down. Look for the ones that are quiet. There are varieties that only make a soft humming sound when moving, exactly how they are supposed to.

Quietness isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also one of the core quality-related factors. A good quality motorized shade doesn’t make a lot of noise. Don’t settle for anything else.

  • Compatibility with Your Home Automation System

You wouldn’t want to invest time and money in finding the perfect motorized shades that fulfill your needs and match your vacation home’s overall vibe and aesthetics only to find they aren’t compatible with your home automation system. Save yourself or your clients from the trouble and consider compatibility when choosing motorized shades. Choose ones that can easily be integrated into your smart system or your clients’ setup to build a more cohesive smart home.

Find the Best Motorized Shades in Nantucket Today!

These are the few primary factors that can help narrow down your options for motorized window shades. But where to start your search from? For motorized shades in Nantucket, we’ve got you covered!

Contact us at Vineyard Sound Integration to find the best smart shades for your connected modern home. Dial (508) 388-3008 or fill out the online contact form to have one of our smart technology experts walk you through motorized shade options and help you choose the best ones for your home or your clients’ property.

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