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Outdoor Shades Create Protected Spaces While Retaining Your Views

Retractable shades halfway lowered around a patio with a grill, tables and chairs, and a wood ceiling with fans.

Enjoy Outdoor Dining and Entertaining No Matter the Weather

Can you feel it in the air? While winter’s chill is still with us, there’s a hint of spring, and another season on Martha's Vineyard will soon begin. Are you ready to create a biophilic environment that allows you to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding natural elements while staying comfortable? 

If that sounds like the ideal environment, consider a luxurious screen room that retains the beautiful view while protecting you, your family, and guests from unwanted insects and inclement weather. Let's explore the many benefits and features of outdoor shades and see if they offer the right solution for your outdoor areas.

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Enhancing Your Outdoor Lifestyle 

At Vineyard Sound Integration, we partner with industry leaders in home automation and entertainment. In outdoor motorized shades, that brand is Progressive. Their handmade, custom screens with innovative designs, numerous colors, and patented Magnatrack System ensure optimum performance and blend seamlessly with your home's aesthetics. 

It’s the number one exterior motorized screen system and the only self-correcting system in the world. The solar screens block between 80-100% of the sun’s harmful rays, while the bug screens keep the insects out. In addition, we optimize the airflow by exploring the different openness factors.

Extending Your Living Space

These screens offer the perfect solution for patios, pergolas, lanais, gazebos, and outdoor eating areas. The weatherproof screens create a “wall” that allows you to entertain and dine outside without worrying about the weather or seasonal pests.

With one touch on a remote or smartphone, you can raise or lower them instantly. Lower the shades to block solar heat gain during hotter days and raise them to let in the sun's warmth in cooler weather. These shades can also be programmed to adjust automatically based on the weather, wind, temperature, or time of day. 

Those of you who were here during our heat wave in the summer of 2022 will be happy to know you can also extend your cooling and heating system into the space, creating a comfortable environment no matter the outside weather. Many of our clients enjoy a fire pit or fire feature that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere during the cool evenings.

These systems can also be used with motorized hurricane screens or shutters, helping protect against the strong winds of a nor’easter or tropical storm. For total privacy, blackout material is available and can automatically lower at preset times.

Incorporating Outdoor Entertainment

Many clients integrate outdoor entertainment, creating spaces that friends and family enjoy long into the evening. These may incorporate outdoor TVs and satellite landscape or bollard speakers. Thanks to today’s technology, you and your guests experience breathtaking, lifelike images and high-resolution audio that fills the air.  

At Vineyard Sound Integration, we are proudly HTA Luxury Certified with proven expertise in professional home automation and audio-video installations. We’re here for our clients year-round, ensuring optimum service and support, no matter the season. To learn about the possibilities in outdoor shades or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Vineyard Sound Integration today.

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