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Are You Looking to Upgrade Your Outdoor Audio System?


Enhance Your Backyard with Top-Notch AV Solutionsa

The summer we’ve been waiting for is nearly here. After a year mostly spent indoors or at home in general, it’s quite refreshing to know a different summer is on the horizon. But this doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some relaxing and entertaining days at home in your own personal oasis!

Upgrading your outdoor audio system can make your property on Martha’s Vineyard the place to be for the season. Keep reading on below to see how the most trusted AV brands in the industry can elevate your outdoor spaces.

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Coastal Source Audio Solutions

Imagine high-fidelity audio performance surrounding you from all sides on your patio and all throughout your outdoor spaces. With a Coastal Source audio system, you can experience music and media under the stars or at any time of day – and in any part of your yard.

With bullet speakers, bollards, and subwoofers located around your premises, you can create a customized soundscape that only those in your yard can hear – you’ll never have to worry about sound carrying over to neighbors or anywhere else. Make adjustments with ease from your smart device of choice, stream your favorite music and tunes with zero hassle, and never worry about your speakers taking a hit.

Coastal Source boasts durable and robust products that can withstand the harshest of storms and temperatures. Taking on nature’s elements is a breeze for Coastal Source audio solutions. You’ll be hearing high-quality sound for years to come without any damage coming to your setup in the slightest.

Séura & SunBrite

For a movie-watching experience outdoors that matches one inside your home theater, you cannot simply bring indoor televisions out to your patio. You need TV displays made for the outdoors! Two trusted outdoor TV brands, Séura and SunBrite, offer the best in the business.

Whether you have a partial-shade, full-sun, or full-shade area you’re wanting to accommodate and bring stunning visuals to, these outdoor televisions have you covered. With top-notch brightness that can present a striking and vivid display even during the sunniest of days, you can enjoy a movie marathon by the garden or even by the pool. Rogue splashes and bump-ins won’t ruin your experience or the equipment. Like Coastal Source, Séura and SunBrite products are built to last and designed to handle anything that nature can throw at them. Rain or shine, you can rely on your outdoor televisions to showcase your favorite films, shows, games, and more this summer!


Want to find out more about an outdoor AV setup for your backyard? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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