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The Latest in Outdoor Entertainment on Martha's Vineyard


Create an Outdoor Oasis hat Brings Friends and Family Together

The season is fast approaching when we gather with our friends and family on Martha’s Vineyard and enjoy the summer months. While strolls on our beautiful beaches are hard to beat, there’s something extra special about relaxing in our backyards, whether barbequing, swimming, or simply lounging on the patio.

Today, these outdoor spaces have become extensions of our homes with luxury kitchens and outdoor entertainment areas that rival those found indoors. These are the spaces where we gather, sharing an alfresco meal and watching movies under the stars.

Are you ready to create the outdoor oasis you’ve long imagined? Then, let's explore the latest in outdoor entertainment.

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The Image

As technology advances, so do the options in outdoor TVs. Gone are the days when we had to worry if they got wet or made sure they were protected from the sun. Instead, the latest displays are rugged and built to weather whatever storms or heat may come our way. These TVs can withstand temperatures from -40°F to 140°F and come in models that perform best in shade or full sun.

They also boast 4K HDR displays that are 30% brighter than their indoor counterparts, which means crystal-clear pictures, whether it's game day or movie night. Up to 85-inches, we can install them directly in an open area or hide them in furniture or behind paneling or artwork until it's time for them to rise to the occasion. While many come with weatherproof, high-performance soundbars, most clients opt to experience the same surround sound they enjoy in their home theater or media room.

The Sound

One-directional audio is no longer acceptable for the outdoor entertainment centers of today. People expect the same immersive sound field that draws them into the scene and leaves them breathless.

High-fidelity audio brands have heard the call and answered with high-performance weatherproof landscape speakers and in-ground subwoofers. We’ll strategically install them throughout your backyard and, no matter if it’s a large estate or a small area, you’ll experience even coverage with no hot spots or dead zones—a blanket of sound.

For larger areas, we’ll create zones like your indoor distributed AV system. This allows a group of friends to enjoy the sporting event in the patio area while another group tunes into their favorite streaming playlist poolside. And it’s all controlled from the same user-friendly platform that manages your smart home.

The Backbone

To experience this type of coverage throughout your home and yard, we’ll need to ensure a strong backbone. This is the Wi-Fi that connects all your devices to each other and your home automation system. First, we'll look at your system, including the number of connected devices and their use, and then make recommendations to ensure corner-to-corner, reliable, and fast coverage.

Learn more about outdoor entertainment or schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Vineyard Sound Integration today. At Vineyard Sound Integration, we specialize in the latest audio and video integrated with today’s home automation. The result is stunning entertainment that’s easy to control and technology solutions that enhance your daily life.


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