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Smart Shades Offer Effortless Control of Lighting and Privacy


Bring the Diffuse Light of the Sun into Your Home with Motorized Shades

At Vineyard Sound Integration, we specialize in custom design and smart home automation that’s fun, easy to use, and enhances our clients’ daily lives. These systems manage your entertainment, climate, lighting, security, and more with just one touch. Even better? The “automation” aspect of “home automation” means that your smart home automatically performs specific tasks based on the time of day, the position of the sun, and even your location. 

When integrated with motorized shades, it translates to shades that raise and lower without any effort on your part. Let's explore the possibilities and how this technology brings ease of living and enjoyment to homeowners on Martha’s Vineyard, MA. 

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It’s Time for Motorized Shades

You’ll know it’s time to consider this remarkable technology when your shades remain stagnant throughout the day. After all, who has time to raise and lower the window coverings in their homes on an ongoing basis? So, we’re left with shades lowered to block the sun's damaging rays or raised to allow the light to shine through. Unfortunately, that light comes with increased heat gain and UV rays that affect flooring, furniture, and fine art. 

Automated Shade Control

There’s something exquisitely beautiful about tapping an icon on a touchscreen and watching your shades operate in perfect unison. From this user-friendly platform that controls your smart home, you can change the level of all your shades at once or in just one room or window. 

We can also program your shades to automatically adjust based on the temperature of your home and the sun's position. For example, on south-facing windows, we often program them to close in the summer as the sun advances in the sky, reducing solar heat gain. In the winter, we may install shades that allow the diffuse light of the sun through to help warm the home. 

Many of our clients spend much of the summer on the island. Naturally, they want to make sure to catch every beautiful sunset. In those instances, we can program the west-facing shades to slowly rise as the sun descends toward the horizon. 

Enhanced Aesthetics

For those of you who envision motorized shades as industrial workhorses, we understand how the name could mislead you. At Vineyard Sound Integration, we partner with best-in-class brands in home automation and window treatments. Savant, Crestron, and Lutron offer hundreds of window coverings with every fabric imaginable. In addition, some styles allow homeowners to use their own materials for total customized décor. 

You can lower sheer shades to let the diffuse light of the sunshine through and blackout shades to eliminate any light, an ideal solution for bedrooms, media rooms, and home theaters. When it's time for bed, tap the "Good Night" button, and the lights dim as the shades close, allowing for total privacy. 

At Vineyard Sound Integration, our smart homes offer customized solutions unique to each family’s lifestyle and activities. To learn more about motorized shades or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact us today. 


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