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Enhance Your Living Spaces With Multi-room Audio


Furnish A Home With An Atmosphere That Motivates, Inspires, and Soothes

Relaxation and a chance to feel refreshed and renewed are on the top of the priority list for vacation home owners. Spending time on the water provides a sense of calm that other geographies simply cannot compete with a Martha’s Vineyard lifestyle. But enjoying similar - or better - smart home solutions at your fingertips in your vacation home is a must. Having systems that cater to how you live, work, and play is imperative. 

The ambiance of a smart home affects the way someone feels, from tunable lighting's effect on the mood to personalized temperature and humidity settings for comfort. Music's power to affect a person’s happiness, productivity, and feelings is often overlooked. Consider incorporating a multi-room audio system to provide a sense of comfort and intimate connection. 

Read more below to discover how Vineyard Sound Integration helps homeowners transform living spaces so they truly feel at home. 


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Shaping Spaces With Sound 

Businesses have long used nature-inspired sounds and music to modify environments. These elements create spaces that impart relaxation and warmth. Sonos and Apple recently conducted a study of 30,000 individuals to inquire about home life in regards to music. No matter the genre, music in the home improved relationships and feelings of warmth and togetherness. Whether at home or at work, music has the ability to dramatically transform our daily interactions and experiences.

Personalization Of Perceptions

Music is also an excellent source of entertainment. With a multi-room audio system, a simple tap or swipe of your finger transforms one or every room in the house in an instant!

With a voice command or at the touch of a button, a homeowner can generate a listening experience optimized for any occasion. Improve comfort after a long day on the water, lift your spirits at the beginning of the day after the alarm wakes you, or simply enjoy ambient sound while completing other tasks around the house. Music can gently rouse you from slumber, improve focus through the day, or mentally prepare you and the family for a restorative night of rest.

Design Without Distraction

The soul of a home is expressed through its design and decor, with sophisticated architectural lines showcasing a homeowner’s unique aesthetic. Speakers can enhance a home without creating a distraction yet still fill it with soul-elevating sound.

Discrete in-ceiling and in-wall speakers mount behind flush-mounted and paintable grilles. This allows speakers to seamlessly blend into the room while still delivering complete sound coverage. In situations where the design requires uninterrupted sightlines, hidden speakers mounted behind drywall generate sound that emanates from everywhere yet nowhere at once. 

Better Sounding Homes

The team at Vineyard Sound Integration is dedicated to being your go-to partner for home automation and high-end entertainment solutions. Schedule an AV consultation by calling us at 508-388-3008 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to working with you!

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