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Architectural Speakers Blend in Seamlessly with Your Home Décor


Trusted Brands Bring Invisible Audio to Your Living Spaces

In our homes, we often want our entertainment brought right to us – we have TV remotes so that we don’t have to walk to the screen anymore and earbuds to go about tasks while humming along to music or chatting on the phone. But what if you could bring your home AV media to you throughout your house or vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard without ever lifting a finger? Architectural speakers are your answer.

Now, homeowners might tend to lean towards smaller upgrades to their AV technologies – remotes, earbuds, bookshelf speakers, and more – especially in a secondary home. That’s understandable; when you have your interior design and décor in place, you don’t want to disrupt it. However, in-wall speakers from trusted brands can bring the tunes and media to every corner of your property – with zero impact on your personal style! Sound like the solution for you? Keep reading below for more. 

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Invisible Audio

There are so many benefits to hidden technology: from TVs that can emerge from concealment behind artwork to on-wall keypads that blend in effortlessly with the rest of your surrounding décor – these solutions make it possible to enjoy your home’s features and interior design simultaneously.

With architectural speakers, you get to experience high-fidelity sound performance that will blow you away every time you press play – all while never seeing where the audio is actually coming from! Unlike bulky standing speakers or countertop ones that might clutter up spaces, in-wall speakers’ entire goal is to deliver media directly to you.

Once you’ve chosen a song, playlist, or another form of media, you can simply go about your day listening to your favorite music and shows throughout every room in the house. As the speakers are a part of the architecture, it’s like your media is now ingrained in your whole home!

Our Team Can Help

Installing architectural speakers throughout your property should create as little impact as the speakers themselves do during their performance. This is why you need to rely on a team of experts you can trust for a professional installation and setup from start to finish!

Vineyard Sound Integration makes the high-end performance and the end result of your speaker installation our number one priority throughout the process! We know which high-fidelity audio brands you can trust, such as Sonance and James Loudspeaker, and which type of products will work best in different areas of your home. Since we’ll be installing within your walls, we ensure there will be minimum disruption that leads to a finished project you are absolutely stunned by.

We’ll calibrate and test out every last component to your new system, guaranteeing architectural speakers that deliver a robust and crystal-clear performance every time.


Want to find out more about architectural speakers for your living space? Give our team at Vineyard Sound Integration a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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