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Let Smart Home Automation Shape Your Day!

The Benefits of a Fully Integrated Smart Living Space

Let Smart Home Automation Shape Your Day!

When you have home automation throughout your property on Martha’s Vineyard, you’ll soon see just how impactful its smart solutions are on your day-to-day lifestyle. No matter what time of day it is, there is a smart home technology ready to simplify and better the moment.

Just tap a button and watch as the possibilities unfold before you. Want to find out more about how home automation can elevate your Massachusetts living space? Keep reading on below.

How Can a Smart Home Company Help You Navigate the New Normal?

Vineyard Sound Integration Is Here for You

How Can a Smart Home Company Help You Navigate the New Normal?

The last year and a half have tested our ability to work with change. Seemingly overnight, our perspective on our lifestyles, our work, our safety, and our social life drastically shifted. As experts working at the top smart home company on Martha’s Vineyard, we also saw opportunities to turn unprecedented times into opportunities for safer, richer lives right at home. We installed countless audio-video systems, media rooms, and custom theaters. Later on, we rejuvenated outdoor areas with weatherproof TVs and audio as people began hosting cookouts again.

Though Massachusetts isn’t operating normally yet, we have seen some ease of restrictions, expanding even more possibilities for innovating your home or vacation home for entertaining guests, finally investing in your dream home office and more. Keep reading below to find three examples of how we can prep your residence for the last half of 2021 and beyond.

Just Say the Word with Voice Control

Protect Your Privacy with This No-Hassle Solution

Just Say the Word with Voice Control

Does the concept of voice control generally get you spooked? Maybe devices from brands like Alexa or Google sound practical enough – but when it comes to you and your family’s privacy, you might feel uncomfortable with where your everyday commands and conversations are going even when your devices aren’t “on.”

Not only is privacy a primary factor, but how well do those devices actually work? Can you say a command casually, or are there specific speech rules to follow in order to get your point across?

With, there won’t be any confusion or worry; you can simply say what you need, and Josh is completely at your command. Bring this smart voice control solution to your property on Martha’s Vineyard and watch as your lifestyle transforms. Keep reading below to see how Josh can elevate your Massachusetts home with just a single word from you.

A Control4 Home Automation System Enhances Your Whole Property

Smart Solutions Improve Daily Life with a Tap of a Button

A Control4 Home Automation System Enhances Your Whole Property

Bring the future to your Martha’s Vineyard property with a Control4 home automation system. It turns out that the future is the here and now! In just mere seconds, your entire home can be at your command – with each smart solution and technology catering to your every need. But what can a Control4 system do for your daily lifestyle, exactly?

In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of a fully integrated home automation system and how Control4 takes these features above and beyond for you and your family. Keep reading below to learn more.