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Articles in Category: Whole-Home Audio Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Improve your whole-home audio system in Martha’s Vineyard, MA, by integrating in-ceiling and in-wall speakers.

How Do Invisible Speakers Work in a Whole-Home Audio System?

Seamlessly Blend Your Audio System into Your Home’s Décor with Invisible Speakers

How Do Invisible Speakers Work in a Whole-Home Audio System?

Invisible speakers are becoming increasingly common among homeowners on Martha’s Vineyard and beyond. These in-wall and in-ceiling speaker solutions are useful components of whole-home audio systems that blend seamlessly into home theaters, media rooms, kitchens, and other living spaces. And one of the biggest draws of this smart home solution? There’s no need to dedicate valuable square footage to speakers.

Read on to find out why invisible speakers are a perfect fit for new or upgraded speaker setups, and why your whole-home system could benefit from their addition!